Washington state photographer

Hi, my name is




I have been admiring captivating photographs for as long as I can remember. Much like music, an image can transport you to a feeling, time, place, memory. It's undeniably the most tangible way to go back in time and there's no denying the impact they have on our lives and future generations.

As a lifelong observer, the art of noticing comes natural to me and I see the value in capturing candid moments, the often unseen details, genuine emotions, and meaningful exchanges versus perfectly curated scenes, stiff posing and staged shots.

A documentary approach essentially means you're getting a relaxed and flexible experience, the space to be yourselves, and a bit of reassurance and guidance when needed. You will no doubt receive a gallery that is a true representation of you and your people.

My husband and I are raising our two boys in western Washington where we were both born and raised. We enjoying hiking, camping and generally just spending time outdoors as a family.